Guide to Watch Buying – Part Two

Purchasing a watch is an investment, so it is important to look for the various protection features available with timepieces. Consider how the watch will be used and the person who will be wearing it – will it be primarily worn at an office and at home? Or will it be used in high-impact activities including sports?

Below are some of the protection features to consider when looking for a new watch:

Shock-resistant– The only term acceptable in the United State to describe the ability of a timepiece to resist breakage. The standard test for shock-resistance is the ability of a watch to withstand a drop of 40 inches on to a hardwood surface with a gain or loss of no more than 60 seconds per day.

Incabloc– Unlike standard screw-held balance staff jewels, this device uses spring-held jewels, which produces shock resistance.

Anti-magnetic– Term applied to clocks or watches that will not be affected by external magnetic forces, such as household appliances, etc. With the increasing popularity of magnetic and electronic devices, buyers and sales associates should be made aware that such devices could affect the performance of a watch, especially quartz watches.

Water-resistance– Besides water-resistance, a water-resistant watch also provides long-term protection of the internal parts from dust and dirt.

Warranty– The warranty may be a deciding factor when you buy a watch. Warranty duration is usually 1 year but some companies provide 5 years. Coverage is usually limited to manufacturing defects for the movement only.

Next week, we’ll take a look at different functions available.

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